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Brain Modulation Lab

Center for Value-Based Health Care and Sciences


Network Stimulation Laboratory

Ziv Lab

Brain Recovery Lab

Chu Lab

Lam Lab

Neural Prosthethic Research Lab


Deep Brain Stimulation Program

McCance Center for Brain Health

Paralysis Center

Cash Lab

Division of Neurotherapeutics


Precision Medicine Lab


Research Highlights

May 1, 2024

Neural network that sustains wakefulness in humans

CNTR research featured on the cover of Science Translational Medicine

Research Highlights

Apr 26, 2024

A novel approach to EEG recording

Brain-iEEG microdisplays display cortical activities and boundaries when used during brain surgery

Research Highlights

Apr 23, 2024

Link found between sleep disruption and cognitive decline in epileptic encephalopathies

Epileptic activity disrupting thalamic sleep spindles in epileptic encephalopathy has been shown to impact cognitive function

Research Highlights

Apr 22, 2024

Research on BLAST exposure in active-duty United States Special Operations Forces

CNTR researchers find that repeated exposure to blasts in training and combat is related to brain injury in active duty US Special Operations Forces

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