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The MGH Adult Epilepsy Service offers evaluation and management for seizure disorders, including surgical evaluations, and specialized care for first seizure events.​


The Epilepsy Service is an academic teaching service that is committed to clinical and basic research, medical education, and clinical service. Patients seen in this environment benefit from the input of multiple physicians and investigators that results directly from our academic medical approach to evaluation and management.


The Epilepsy Service maintains an active research program involving projects ranging from healthcare outcomes research to advanced neuroimaging techniques to basic molecular studies of mechanisms of disease. Current projects are focused on understanding neuronal injury following seizures and developing strategies for neuroprotection that may eventually have clinical utility. The laboratory is particularly interested in understanding the biochemical pathways that mediate injury. Another current focus is on characterizing and modulating the activity of intracellular signaling kinases and their targets. These studies, initiated in cell culture, are now being extended to whole animal models. Ultimately, all of these projects aim toward the creation of both invasive and non-invasive mechanisms for restoring damaged neuronal function.


Get to know some of the physicians on our team.

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