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Our team of clinicians, scientists and engineers works collaboratively to design new clinical neurotechnologies and perform high resolution neurophysiology research. 

Brain Modulation Lab

Mark Richardson, MD, PhD

BML aims to apply a systems neuroscience approach to improving surgical treatments for epilepsy and movement disorders

Cash Lab

Sydney Cash, MD, PhD

CashLab aims to understand brain function under both normal and pathological conditions with a goal of developing techniques for diagnosing and treating devastating neuropsychiatric diseases.

Deep Brain Stimulation Program

Todd Herrington, MD, PhD

DBS is a surgically implanted device that delivers electrical stimulation to the brain. It can be a powerful treatment for brain diseases.

Lam Lab

Alice Lam, MD, PhD

The Lam Lab aims to study the neurophysiology of neurodegeneration.

Network Stimulation Laboratory

Andreas Horn, MD, PhD

The goal of Nestim is to analyse and modulate brain networks to improve clinical treatment – predominantly in the movement disorders spectrum.

Precision Medicine Lab

Eric Rosenthal, MD

The Precision Medicine Lab aims to identify physiological biomarkers of poor outcomes and develop preventative treatments for neuronal damage following acute brain injury.

Brain Recovery Lab

Teresa Kimberley, PhD, PT, FAPTA

The Brain Recovery Lab strives to enhance the recovery of function following stroke or other neurologic disorders by maximizing the effect of rehabilitation and other neurorecovery solutions.

Center for Value-Based Health Care and Sciences

Sahar Zafar, MD, MBBS and Lidia Moura, MD, MPH, PhD

The center aims to develop health-care delivery models that improve quality of care.

Division of Neurotherapeutics

Darin Dougherty, MD

The Division of Neurotherapeutics at Mass General focuses on neurotherapeutic interventions for severe, treatment-resistant psychiatric illnesses.

McCance Center for Brain Health

Jonathan Rosand, MD, MSc

The McCance Center aims to reduce suffering and maximize human potential through better brain health for all. 

Neural Prosthethic Research Lab

Shelley Fried, PhD

The Neural Prosthethic Research Lab seeks to improve the effectiveness of neural implants by studying how and why neurons respond to artificial stimulation

Ziv Lab

Ziv Williams, MD, PhD

The Ziv Lab aims to probe the mechanisms by which complex cognitive processes are computed by neurons in the mammalian brain.


Leigh Hochberg, MD, PhD

BrainGate is developing practical, groundbreaking medical devices to restore communication, mobility, and independence to people affected by neurologic disease, paralysis, or limb loss.

Chu Lab

Catherine J. Chu, MD, MMSc, MA

The Chu Lab aims to identify biomarkers to understand the relationship between brain rhythms and symptoms, predict symptoms, and develop treatments to improve them.


David Lin, MD

LTNr aims to transform stroke rehabilitation by advancing understanding of brain mechanisms that enable post-stroke recovery.


Brian Edlow, MD

NICC aims to promote recovery of consciousness in patients with severe traumatic brain injury.

Paralysis Center

Justin Brown, MD

The Paralysis Center specializes in improving the lives of patients who have lost function due to any paralyzing injury.

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