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CHoRUS for Equitable AI

Dec 12, 2022

MGH Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery has expanded funding in multiple areas.

A team, lead by Dr. Eric Rosenthal, has been awarded from the NIH Office of the Director through its new Bridge2AI program to develop a "Patient-Focused Collaborative Hospital Repository Uniting (CHoRUS) for Equitable AI."

The grant, totaling ~$25M over 4 years, focuses on developing a national infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) in critical care by: 1) developing the tools and data standards for critical care data science, 2) generating a 100,000-patient, high-resolution, multi-modal, multi-specialty, “AI-Ready” dataset from acute and critical care, 3) establishing ethicolegal and regulatory guidance for AI and machine learning in acute and critical care, and 4) educating a next generation of AI leaders and citizen scientists. The project team includes 21 academic centers as well as FDA, industry, and community partners and is lead by Dr. Eric Rosenthal and the CNTR ICU Precision Medicine Program.

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