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Andreas Horn, MD, PhD

Associate Professor in Neurology, Harvard Medical School

Director, Deep Brain Stimulation Research within the Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Director, Connectomic Neuromodulation Research, Massachusetts General Hospital

Head, Network Stimulation Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Andreas Horn, is a clinician scientist who specializes in neuroimaging, method development, movement disorders, and invasive brain stimulation. His research aims to analyze and modulate brain networks to enhance clinical treatments, particularly focusing on movement disorders. His research primarily utilizes structural imaging (MR/CT) and noninvasive connectivity measures derived from functional and diffusion-weighted MRI.

Dr. Horn has dedicated his efforts to develop and enhance methods for analyzing brain stimulation sites and understanding their broader effects across distributed structural and functional networks. To support this endeavor, he created an openly accessible software toolbox for localizing deep brain stimulation electrode placement based on postoperative imaging ( / This software, now managed by a multi-institutional team, has garnered significant recognition and is utilized by over one thousand scientists across the globe, with more than 7000 downloads. It has received prestigious awards such as the Max Rubner Prize from Stiftung Charité, the Robert Koch Prize from Charité Berlin, and an Academic Ventures grant from the Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies.

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