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Chiara Maffei, PhD

Research Fellow, MGH Lab for Neuroimaging of Coma and Consciousness

Chiara Maffei's research focuses on brain connectivity, with the ultimate goal of increasing our knowledge of its structural organization and making tractography a more reliable tool in both neurobiological research and clinical applications. Since 2012 she has worked on diffusion MRI, focusing on the methodological investigation and application of tractography techniques in healthy subjects, stroke patients, and sensory deprived populations. After obtaining her Ph.D. in cognitive and brain sciences from the center for mind/brain sciences (CIMeC, Italy), she joined the laboratory for computational neuroimaging (LCN) at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging (MGH and HMS), where she kept working on the validation, optimization, and application of diffusion MRI and tractography techniques. She is excited about now applying this knowledge to the study of consciousness-related structural networks with the goal of improving recovery after traumatic coma.

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