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Garance Meyer, PhD

Research Fellow, NetStim

Dr. Garance Meyer is a postdoc in the NetStim lab. She draws from a broad background in cognitive neuroscience which she gained through a Bachelor’s degree in cognitive science as well as both a Master’s of Science and a PhD in neuroscience, all from the University of Lyon, France. Her PhD project aimed to unravel the core neurocognitive mechanisms underlying impulsivity in Parkinson’s Disease, using custom behavioral tasks and electroencephalography.

In her scientific work, Dr. Meyer is most interested in the role of the basal ganglia and associated circuits in normal cognitive functioning as well as in pathological conditions. Inspired by an internship in a neuromodulation clinical unit, she also maintains a fascination for brain stimulation. She likes to converge these two key interests in her research by leveraging connectomic neuromodulation as a window into the workings of basal ganglia-related circuits.

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