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Hezekiah Branch, MS

Data Engineer and Scientist, MGH-MIT InBRAIN Collaboration, MGH Brain Modulation Lab

Hezekiah Branch is a Data Engineer and Scientist at the MGH-MIT InBRAIN Collaboration. Hezekiah hails from Roxbury, Boston and is of Trinidadian heritage. He received his B.S. in Cognitive and Brain Sciences and M.S. in Data Science from Tufts University. At Tufts, Hezekiah was a recipient of the inaugural Africana 20 Under 20 Award and received the Presidential Award for Civic Life. Prior to joining InBRAIN, Hezekiah contributed to research at the Tufts Machine Learning Group, Tufts Human Interaction Lab, IBM Research, and most recently at Tufts Medical Center under the NEWDIGS initiative. Hezekiah’s research interests include dynamic network models, clinical machine learning, and systems neuroscience. Outside of the lab, Hezekiah runs a free coding boot camp called Code with Hezekiah, teaching data science skills to students of all ages.

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