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Hiroaki Hashimoto

Research Fellow, BrainGate Consortium

Hiroaki Hashimoto is a research staff member in Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and joined the BrainGate team in February 2024. He works on speech decoding under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Rubin and Dr. Leigh Hochberg.

He graduated from Okayama University Medical School in western Japan in 2012 and obtained his M.D. After completing his junior residency training, he began his Neurosurgical career in 2014. He earned his Ph.D. in 2019 from the Graduated School of Medicine, Osaka University. His research interests lie in orofacial neural function. During his graduate studies, he participated in swallowing-related brain-machine interface research led by Prof. Masayuki Hirata at Osaka University. In clinical settings, he is particularly interested in functional neurosurgery, stroke, and pediatric neurosurgery. He has authored several papers on swallowing-related neural activities and epileptic seizures, focusing on high gamma band/high-frequency activities measured by intracranial electrocorticogram.

He is also an overseas research fellow funded by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (awarded in 2023).

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