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Yelena Bodien, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Yelena Bodien is a clinical neuroscientist working on improving diagnostic and prognostic precision as well as treatment efficacy for patients diagnosed with impairments in conscious awareness following brain injury. By combining advanced neuroimaging techniques, such as functional MRI, with standardized behavioral assessments, she hopes to better understand the neurobiological basis for disorders of consciousness. She believes this understanding will translate into better early and long-term outcomes for the most severely injured patients. She is fortunate to have a dual appointment at Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, which provides a unique perspective on the continuum of recovery from severe brain injury. Seeing both miraculous healing and devastating loss motivates her to find answers in a field of many unknowns.

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